Friday, January 07, 2011

Those painful traditions live on

Some traditions, like a big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, are great and should be continued forever. Other traditions are ugly, nasty, and should also be continued forever.

Today's topic is the ceremonial passing of fruitcake from family member to family member on Julie's side. We don't give each other fruitcakes for Christmas. We give each other THIS fruitcake for Christmas. I'm not sure I can remember how long ago this started, but this fruitcake has gotten passed around over and over again. It's a good thing fruitcakes last forever. It has no expiration date, or even a creation date for that matter.

The handoff is important and can't be done as a gift in the mail. This year, our house guest Kelly brought it and quietly left it in a drawer in her bedroom for us to discover later. Nicely done Smale family! The fruitcake is now in our court.
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