Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cheers to the Park City High Schoolers

The congregation from Westboro Baptist Church (in Kansas) came to town to protest at the Sundance Film Festival. These self-righteous douchebags travel the country, preaching hate about everything that isn't white, baptist, and heterosexual. It is amazing to hear people from a Christian church speak so venomously about other humans. Jesus would disown them all.

The first good news is that there weren't that many of them. The best news is that 200 students from Park City High School came out to do their own protest. They shouted cheers and sang songs, all in the name of love and tolerance. That became the story for the press instead of the attention-craving fanatics.

To those that say our current youth aren't active enough in shaping the world around them, I have to disagree.
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